These are some questions that have appeared on my blog several times. I've decided to put all of your stupid questions into one little page so those trolls out there will be satisfied.

Are you crazy?

No. Of course not. *twitch* I'm only pretending to be crazy to be funnier, because everyone knows  that crazy people are hilarious. In fact, I take high offense to that question. I try to be satirical and this is what I get, heartache. Just because I'm talking quickly and moving through topics at the speed of sound, doesn't mean that I can't hold a thirty second conversation without a break. In fact, just the other day, I talked to my pet wall, and we talked with each other for at least an hour. So there.

Why do you comment on your own blog?

I have two sides to myself, a normal person and a crazy person. Often we would comment on the other's blog post, just to get 'im angry. Eventually we decided to settle our differences. We try to post NICE comments to each other now. You can tell if it's the crazy side of me if I speak in third person. If I'm in my right mind, I will speak in first person when referring to myself.

Do you want to link our blogs so that you'll get more followers?


Why did you go with the name justGeorge?

I'm justGeorge because that's all I am. I'm justGeorge, I ain't nobody or nothing else. 'Nuf said.

Can you write paragraphs longer than one sentence?

Yes, I could.

I just choose not to, that's all.

I think I've done it a few times.

Just look through my old posts.

I'm lazy and don't want to go through your old posts. Can you summarize your older posts so I don't waste my time?


I meant will you summarize your older posts?

Yeah, sometime.

How about now?




So where is the summary?


Right here?


Ma Fia is a large, overweight criminal who likes to hijack cars and steal food from people. She works with gangsters like Gangsta Joe. I will go through my adventures that often include magical creatures, largely known political figures, and corrupt police officers.

I'm on the run from the police for some unknown crime, often escaping from the long arm of the law by running away. As a professional hobo, I have my share in the rate of crime in the big city. Often I am founding stealing stuff (like the Magna Carta), doing drugs whose names are fun to say, and harassing anyone around me.

That's the story of my life. I'll also post stupid stuff like "Hi" posts and "Pokemon of the Week"sies. These are widely unpopular but necessary for appeasing the blog gods (Blogga Bloggina and Bloggetta) all of which are highly unpredictable and old gods which have to receive a couple of holy sacrifices daily of stupid people posting stupid blog posts about their pets and stuff. I'm just contributing to the pool of stupidity out there.

Will you do a story about --


Well, look at the time. I gotta go. Maybe I'll add more questions later, if I feel like it.

If ya wanna add some questions, just comment.