About Me

I'm justGeorge, the most fabulous blogger ever to hit Earth (literally!).

I was found as an infant in a floating bsket along the Nile. I have no idea why. An American princess (Ms. America) drew me out of the Nile and brought me to America.

When I was very little, I used to be called mean names like "Moses" and "Ten Commandments Boy". So I decided to take a self-defence. So I learned how to fight from Bruce Lee at an early age. (Apparently I was his best student and kicked his butt as my graduation exam.)

I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks University with a major in Facial Hair. Times were hard the following year however, so my career was Common Theif (until I could find a real job).

I was immediately arrested on my first job. (The shiny alarm button was NOT supposed to be touched.) I was sent to the State Jail in Freedom, Nirvana. This was a terrible hippy jail where long hair was the ONLY acceptable style of hair.

I escaped from prison on the first day by accidentally pounding the outer wall with my fist. (Sometimes I get angry and destroy stuff like buildings, a terrible habbit, I know.)

From that time on, I've been on the run. This does have its benefits, though. For example I don't have to shave, I can talk tough, and I don't ever have to return anything I borrow (including my friend's candybar).

Recently, I've been fighting injustice, laying smackdowns, and talking to myself. The world is not friendly to vagabonds. My cardboard box has been thrown around like it's trash or something. My stolen shopping carts have been taken from me countless times, and returned back to Wal-mart. Still I press on, rising above the oppressive system.

My quest is to destroy the Great Enemy. After that, my journey's path is unknown. Who is the Great Enemy? Find out soon enough...

Well, that's the condensed version of my life. I can't give any contact information, just in case you licked your stamps. I shall leave with this piece of advice for you.

Don't forget to eat your toasty oaties.