Tuesday, August 21, 2012

justGeorge's Chocolate Factory

justGeorge crept quietly, making sure that the chocolate factory workers could not hear him. The reason for his stealth? Sabotage is illegal. So he hid in the shadows as often as possible, blending in like a ninja. His ninja suit helped him achieve this with ease.

A guard was stationed by the chocolate vat, guarenteeing that a normal person would not be able to steal it. The fool. He had no idea that just a few feet away, justGeorge was plotting like a madman.

The guard was walking his rounds when he accidentally tripped on his shoe-laces. He fell face-first. justGeorge knew this was his opportunity. He leapt from the dark shadows and charged him. Delivering 3,000 kidney punches in an interval of half a minute, the guard had a ruptured kidney and died.

justGeorge grieved the fact that he had to kill someone for this dangerous mission. He took a moment of silence.

When three seconds were up, he got a running start, then jumped (head-first) into the chocolate vat.

Submerged in delicious goodness, justGeorge could not help but sample the quality of the chocolate. Finding the quality to his liking, he didn't hesitate to gorge himself.

After a few minutes of self-indulgence, justGeorge started to feel a tug on his leg. Then it felt like the he was being pulled under. justGeorge's eyes widened in surprise. He was being sucked below!

justGeorge, after assessing the situation, decided the best course of action was to scream like a little girl. Achieving nothing with this decision, he decided to change tactics and start to panic.

Then suddenly he was pulled completely under and into a large, clear tube. Willy Wonka, the devious owner of the chocolate factory grinned at him mischieviously.

justtGeorge cursed him loudly as he was pulled into the fudge-making room. He wasn't really sad though, he would feed lots of little children someday. Maybe they would become as fat as me.

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