Friday, September 2, 2011

Mario Party 10: This time for the kill

Nintendo has just announced the release of Mario Party 10. Do I hear a-whooping and a-hollering coming from some obscure source? Because if YOU are the one who's cheering, then you are an idiot(too bad for I was cheering right then too).

Nintendo has not announced anything yet. I just lied. And it felt good.

Aren't I annoying?

Well, most of you people could care less how mario likes to party. So back to real news...

Obama has just released that he's NOT running for re-electin in 2012! I know! Surprising things are happening left and right (actually only on the left, but that's a different story).

I lied again.

Ah... good times.


1 comment:

Kyle Muffin said...

Ya know what I do to liars? I KILL EM!!!