Thursday, September 1, 2011

How Electricity Works

Simply put, electricity works like this:

If I have a coconut, then I'll go coo-coo for that coconut. Then I will convince myself that it is grrrrrreat (but it probably won't be). Eventually my love for this coconut will drag me into the mysticism of coconuts. I'll consider it a "lucky charm" and anyone who disagrees with me, I'd say "cheerio ol' chap!".

Or, if I have a coconut and if it's considered a fruit, then I'll throw it high in the air in a circular arc. This is commonly known as a "fruit loop" in which the coconut will fall and hit the head of a famous seafaring individual (in this case it is a ship captain). The captain's skull will be fractured after a horendous *crunch* sound emminates from his cranium cap. This will cause an outbreak of insanity within that individual and will get his Kix from being a cereal killer. His joy in Life would be to act kinda cookie krisps in the head (if you know what I mean). His various nicknames would include: "captian crunch" and "the nutty oat".

Or, the last possibility, this could happen:

Your coconut could act like a "crazy cow" and go all "ET cereal" and land on King Vitamin's head. Thinking that it is a "fruity pebble" would asssume that a "monster [cereal] has attacked him. So he'd send Mr. T, ET, The Ghostbusters, and Pac-man (all with their faces on boxes) to attack the neighboring kingdom of Quake to attack the passive-aggressive quakers, and their quangaroo animal friends. But stormy weather and a series of onimonipias stopped them from ever crossing the borders. With a *snap* *crack* and a *pop* the invasion was not successful.

And that's just a basic summary of electricity. If you want something a little more... insightful, this is not the place to look.


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justGeorge said...

I feel that I've just been robbed of a perfectly good explanation. I think you owe me something.