Friday, May 13, 2011

Yossama Bin Bidin' His Time

Crazy things happen when people learn about the Middle East. Really. Today justGeorge learned about the true details on what happened with the Yomama Ben Ladden.

True, Yomama Ben Ladden is dead, but justGeorges has to inform you how he died. Listen carefully:

The day began with another video by Yomama. He always skyped the US Pentagon before eating breakfast. He wasn't very smart, assuming that the US couldn't catch him. All they had to do was look at his house number and find the address (even tents have house numbers over there).

Well, the Special Women's Arabian Team (SWAT) showed up, protesting Sharia law. Yomama was unprepared for the SWAT team to show up, so he did the smartest thing he could do in that case.

He ran.

Leaving behind his Wheaties Cereal (breakfast of champions) he dashed from his circus tent and out into the desert, with the angry woment close behind him. He ran until he came to an artificial river (courtesy of Allah). There he was trapped, or so everyone thought.

Instead, Yomama suprised everyone. He took out a staff from thin air, and waved it above his head. He muttered a few voodoo phrases pointed at the water. Suddenly the water parted! Yomama ran between the waves, thankful that he had been so lucky.

The mob behind him, along with the entire US Pentagon (they had finally had enough of Yomama's prank calls). So they started to chase him through the river. Unfortunately for all of them, this "miracle" was actually a natural phenomenon caused by radiation from Iranian Nuclear Power Plants. So, after a few seconds, the water returned and drowned all of them.

So that's what really happened, despite what the government's been telling you. Sure, they shot his body a few times for show, but he really drowned because he thought he was Moses.


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