Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rubber Band

There's a new gang in town. It goes by the name of The Band of Rubber, aka The Rubber Band. This group of ruthless scalawags terrorize the neighborhoods with their tire swings.

Around the turn of the most recent millennium, a group of annoying teenagers decided to join together and do mischievious stuff, such as vandalize people's property, encourage violence, and steal ice cream from little children.

The only thing stopping this group of zit-infested miscreants from ruining the property value the town is Ma Fia's gang... and justGeorge. But... mostly the latter.

In fact, the group disbanded shortly after its creation. After justGeorge beat their leader in a Pokemon battle, they broke up faster than a band with two lead singers.

A couple news stations asked him how he found the courage to fact Johnny Boy (the gang leader) mono y mono. He had this to say:

"Uh... I had to whup up on the last gym leader in order to reach the elite four. I just wanted to beat the game."

It is not known why beating someone in a Pokemon battle would cause a gang to disband, but at least the world was rid of one more gang. Now if only justGeorge would set his eyes upon Ma Fia's gang, then the world would finally be at peace.


justGeorge said...

I remember that day... good times.

Kyle P. said...

that is some deep stuff!! i liked the part with the period fallowed by a capitol letter.. why do you write like that??? its genius!!