Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pencil of DOOOOOM!!

justGeorge was writing down a 1-800 number from a stupid commercial when the red pencil ran out of ink. I put my pencil on the desk and got out the electric sharpener. Then I picked it up from my coffee table and started sharpening it by hand. But I didn't get to write down the number before the radio switched to a different commercial.

In a fit of rage, I threw my blue pencil on the wooden floor. But I decided to stop being so mad; I could get that toaster they were advertising for later. So I picked my yellow pencil from the shag carpet and started to write a story on my computer using word. However, while I was using paint, the power went out, instantly turning on my computer.

I was so mad that I threw the computer through the barred window, instantly shattering the amazing stained glass. From then on I had to borrow the my friend's computer from the library. While I was typing this blogpost from home, I walked to the store and bought another purple pencil. While I was walking back, I finished the story and published it on YouTube.

This made me think back to the stupid washer / dryer combo that was advertised for online, who's 1-866 number I couldn't remember. I smiled at the sad memories and sat down my couch. While sitting on my bed, I eventually fell asleep, daydreaming about waking up.

And that... is the most confusing story in the world.

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