Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Extra Special People's Noses

This is broadcast, paid for by Extra Special People's Noses (ESPN). justGeorge and his affiliates had nothing to do with this blog post thingy.

Have you ever noticed a person with an ugly nose? Have you ever wanted to help all of the people with large nostrils? Do you believe that your nose is what makes you amazing?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you have a responsibility to the rest of the general population. Remember what Smoker the bear says: Only you can prevent ugly noses.

Come on down to Eugenics Inc. to donate your Aryan nose. There we will be able to donate your nose to science and random people we find on the streets.

Remember: this is completely voluntary. You don't have to live anymore, but we recommend that you do.

This advertisement has been paid for by ESPN. The budget was being cut and we had to resort to dubious advertising.


justGeorge said...

So... when do I get my nose back?

Kyle Muffin said...

Hey look! I can type something here! Hi!