Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tum Tum Tree

Y'know, 'twas brilliant, and the lithe tombs did wire and grumble in waves. All flimsy were the burrow-groves and the blue grass outrage.

Just thought you should know, in case anyone asks you.

Do you know how the security at airports always ask you whether or not someone's given you a mysterious package? Well, one time I calmly explained that a guy in a trench coat gave me a package to carry on the plane.

Then I pulled out my jack-in-the-box and startled everyone there.

Apparently the security guards can't take a joke.

They must have had a traumatic experience with a jack-in-the-box as a child. It certainly wasn't my fault that their alter-ego, Batman was afraid of Jokers.

I'm done complaining. After searching through my stuff and finding about 80 pounds of marijuana in my suitcase, I had to pull off another throw-a-chair-out-the-window-and-jump-out-right-after-it-escape-plot. It didn't really require that much planning.

Ahh... just thinking about this story brings back bitter-sweet memories. It brings in the thrill of escaping the law again, and the bitter memory of losing hundred of thousands of dollars of drugs again.

On the plus side, I was able to easily harvest some more from old farmer Maggot right outside Hobbiton. He's a nice guy... a little ugly, and has a very large temper (especially when I steal his stuff), but generally an all-around nice guy.

Hey.... my teeth feel funny.

Mmmmm.... my teeth are tasty.

Daff duff gwate. I guff aye mah feef. Mao ooh won be abuh duh uduhfam me.

(uses rewind button)

Ahh... that's better. Now what was I saying before...?

Oh yeah!

The End


justGeorge said...

Blooga blooga blooga

justGeorge said...

Ugh, blug. Blargh!

justGeorge said...

Yo ho ho!
And a bottle of rum.

justGeorge said...

Argh! From now on, only the captain can say argh!