Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm Stuck

I've been in the Molasis Swamp for 38 turns. There seems to be no way out. I'm giving up. I want the game to end. I just want it all to end. I want to end the terrible suffering, waiting for a stupid yellow card.

I was so close to victory too. If only I hadn't had such bad luck... If only I had cheated in this child's game...


My stupid blue person is standing there smiling like an idiot. I HATE HIM. I hope he stays there for all I care. Why does he have to stand there with his arms stretched out like a gingerbread man smirking at me?

(signs that justGeorge is on the verge of mental breakdown)


(grabs the blue character and snaps it in half)

There. Now I win. No one can take away my victory now. I was the closest. So I win.

(laughs maniacally)

What are ya gonna do now, Princess Lolly? Huh? Watcha gonna do? OoooOOOooh I'm so scared.

(laughs and runs off, leaving the gameboard behind)

I'm the winner! I'm the winner! Me! Me!

(suddenly collects himself, walks back to the game, and picks up the red character)

Well, I guess I'll just play for second place.

(grabs a card, then moves)

Heh, this is kinda fun. I think I'll.... uh oh.

(realizes that the red character is now in the Molasis Swamp as well)

(starts swearing)


justGeorge said...

So, you were playing against yourself... and you went emo over it?

justGeorge said...

Yeah... it's not one of my best momments...

Happy Elf Mom said...

I think King Licorice is living a secret life in that gumdrop house...

justGeorge said...

I don't believe in the King Licorice. The only emperor is the emperor of ice cream.