Monday, April 25, 2011

Fluffy Land

Once upon a time there was a magical kindom called Fluffy Land. In this land, little mareeps roamed free. The magikarp were flopping around, undisturbed. The muks slopped around in the sewers. The clefaries bounced, saying their name a lot. A pikachu was zapping a crazy team of spacemen (Team Rocket I think they're called?). The Glooms smelled everthing up, and the geodudes levitated on some sort of mysterious energy (even though they weigh 44.2 lbs or 20.0 kg while only being 1'4" or .4 meters tall).

The squirtles swam in swampy streams. The charmanders checked choice chimichongas for chicken chili chunks. The bulbasaurs baked broken biscuits bitterly.

That is until one day...

A shadow stretched over the land, crushing everything in its path. Its name... was Snorlax.

After snacking on Snickers, Snorlax snoozed. While dreaming about hating everyone, it was tossing and turning in its sleep. This would have been fine if it weren't for the fact that Snorlax was crushing the cute, innocent little mareeps around him.

Unable to ignore this large problem, they attempted to escape. That's when things got crazy.

Snorlax started sleepwalking, stealthfully and sneakily stalking the stuck sheep. The little lambs lalloped, not liking the liability of their laughable lives. Too bad. Snorlax struck and stamped the stampeding sheep, shutting off their spinal system, squashing the small shreds of survivability too easily snatched.

At least, that's what happened in Snorlax's dream. Under the dilusion that it was being under attack, it dreamed that it squished Mary's little lambs. But what really happened was this:

Snorlax snuggled in, smiling. Suddenly Snorlax screamed and scratched and slashed the scared sheep. The maurauding mareeps masterfully made the monster miss. The result was a raging ruffian rat, running after the rediculously rare ruminants.

But, after a few steps he got tired and went back to sleep. Later the round rascal rambled regarding the running ruminants, regurgitating rediculous rants. Luckily, the little, lovable lamps lived longer than the lard-lake.


justGeorge said...

Another masterful story. You should blog more often.

justGeorge said...

I'm not going to disagree with you. The world needs to hear more from me.