Saturday, April 30, 2011

E = mc^2

I've just discovered how to use this equation in everyday life. First I will explain what it means.

The "E" stands for emmortality. Y'know, there are the mortals and the emmortals. Emmortality is goal of mortals.

"M" stands for mystery. This is just a variable you can plug into the equation.

"C squared" stands for the volume of any magical cube.

So, if we were to apply this to everyday living, we would have a lot of emmortals. Never again shall we die, as long as if we have a magical cube (with a defined volume) and know the mystery.

I have both the knowledge and the cube. Nothing can stop me now.

How does this apply to your everyday life? Well, now you are all under my control. Nothing can defeat me. So, starting this very moment, you all are going to collect Pokemon cards for me and put them in a nice, neat pile for me to eat. (I do get nutrition from cards, it's a stomach condition called cardalactix)

Then, I decree that everyone will declare bankruptcy and give me all of their possessions. That way I can evenly distribute all of the wealth. Thereafter, I will create the ideal utopia, making everyone live in peace.

Anyone who challenges me... well... there's not much I can do. Just because I'm emmortal doesn't mean I'm immortal.


Well, I guess I'll go play video games until everyone starts giving me free stuff.

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justGeorge said...

I'm playing the video game emmortal combat. It's fun.