Friday, April 29, 2011


Basic Special Attacker Blastoise

Ability: Rain Dish

Item: Leftovers

Surf / Water Spout
Ice Beam
Focus Blast / Hidden Power (electric)
Rain Dance

Physical Blastoise

Ability: Torrent

Item: Life Orb / Choice Band / Cell Battery

Ice Punch

Wobbuffet Imitation Blastoise

Ability: Rain Dish

Item: Leftovers

Mirror Coat
Aqua Ring / Dive / Rapid Spin
Rain Dance

Blastoise. How unfortunate that he has to use firefighting equipment to even survive on the field. It can't really tank anything that's well-prepared. It can't strike too much fear in the opponents' hearts. It can survive a non-supereffective attack, and hopefully attack again. Ah... if only one of its stats stood out.