Monday, February 21, 2011


I thought I'd tell all my followers a secret. Here it is: chicken is an animal, not a food.

'Nuf said.

Time for the pokemon of the week!

jk. I think I figure no one loves my pokemon of the week schmeals. They're generally unloved and skimmed over for naughty words. I felt sorry for them.

So I won't do any more of those until Black and White are released in America. That should happen in like 2 weeks.

Yup. Looking forward to it.

If you're one of my followers who like to yell at me when I spend my money, too bad. Below is a simple equation for you to follow.

$ does not = college
college does not = good job
good job does not = happiness / $
Pokemon = happiness

Get it? 'k. I'm done. I hope you have it figured out.


justGeorge said...

I like chicken.

'Nuf said.

Mr. D said...

no money = no college
no college = no hope for good job
no hope for good job = you very poor person scrounging for food
Pokemon = does not feed you

Your making bad choices that you will live with for the rest of your life.

Your free to spend your money on what you like. If you choose to not save for college, remember I only match ... not pay the whole way. So ... ever dollar you choose not to save ... you are wasting. Nuf said.

Zachary Penguin said...

I agree with Mr. D, what did you do today? I went to an open house at the Art Institute of Kansas City (which is actually in Lenexa, haha).

If my parents let me play pokemon, i would so buy that, but im saving my cash to see Kung Fu Panda 2 (:

If you can get $11, you can come with me when i see it (: