Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's that time of the year again...

Ok, some of you real Pokemon experts might be wondering whether this strategy session will be Black and White oriented. No. It won't be. I've never used any Black and White strategies before. So there.

Let us see what the random number generator will decide...

Uh... ok. The Pokemon is #168 -- Ariados.

Why would the random number generator give me that Pokemon?

Whatever. Here are some recommended sets:

About to Get Squished Bug

Ability: Swarm
Item: Life Orb

Poison Jab
Bug Bite
Sucker Punch
Toxic Spikes

Eh... this is just a collection of his best moves to attempt to use his average attack. If you can get toxic spikes up, good. That's probably the best you'll be able to do.

The Speedy Squished

Ability: Insomnia
Item: Focus Sash

Poison Jab
Sucker Punch
Baton Pass

Ariados is REALLY slow. This is a sad attempt to increase his speed and help his team at the same time. Too bad he sucks anyway. A focus sash is just there so he can survive two turns instead of one. Hopefully the Pokemon he's facing will be too slow to kill him the second turn.

Annoying Bug that Gets in your Hair

Ability: Insomnia
Item: Black Sludge


This set is just there to annoy your opponent. It isn't very powerful, but it may be annoying enough that they quit ad give up the battle, but probably not. If you're lucky, you can pull off an attract and annoy your opponent with toxic, protect and substitute. Just try it. See what happens.

I'm a Gonna Getcha Bug

Ability: Swarm
Item: Choice Band

Poison Jab
Bug Bite
Sucker Punch

Just try to hit a Pokemon and hard as you can. Then switch when the little bug is in danger. Not too much strategy in this set.

There's no Such Thing as a Special Bug

Ability: Swarm
Item: Choice Specs / Focus Sash

Signal Beam
Sludge Bomb
Hidden Power (Ice)

Hey, Ariados doesn't learn any good attack moves except Poison Jab and Sucker Punch. This is putting his good special attack moves together. The real grab for this set is the hidden power. It can be any type you want. Anything besides bug or poison, some of the worst offensive types ever.

Generally Ariados sucks. He might be able to pull off a critical hit or something and knock out a Pokemon. All you'll get for doing that is a punch in the face by some angry Japanese guy. I would recommend against using the spider.

You don't need a strategy to kill a bug. All it takes is a giant foot, or a Pokemon that doesn't suck.


justGeorge said...

Mmmmm... bugs. I like juicy bugs. From now on you shall call me Louie, King of Bugs.

Zachary Penguin said...

ugh, didn't understand any of that ...