Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hee Hee

Hello, friends. I hope to put up an awesome video on this blog soon. At least, I hope so. You know how things can come up, like y'know angry dogs are released or pink elephants start dancing around my head.

It should prove thoroughly annoying, using annoying characters with annoying voices. I hope it'll turn out epic. Using a crappy camera that's not designed for video, using stuffed animals as characters, books as props, and having no video editing software (that works), it should be pretty nice.

In other news, yo Zeke, sorry 'bout the dance dude. Hopefully the dances in the senior year will be better. Maybe you should drag along Kevin against his will. (I do have some duct tape in my car!)

If ya wanna hear all about it, check out his amazing website:

News flash from Homeschool Inc. or whatever! Obviously the conquered country of Poland has sent them some refugees, and some pottery. They accepted the pottery, and threw out the refugees. (They were smelling up the place with their communistic sleds and beards.)

I didn't even know the Polish could grow beards. If ya wanna learn more click on this link:

By the way, I'm trying to figure out how they put the lead (graphite) in the pencils. I just can't figure it out. I keep eating more and more graphite, but to no avail. Even after 23 pencils, I still don't understand.

Hey by the way, potato chips taste like fried potatoes.

Speaking of potatoes, I once saw the man on the moon. He looked a little like Huckleberry Finn. He had a fishing rod and was relaxing on the crecent moon. Below him were the words Dreamworks Entertainment. It must be a sign of the end of the world. (I've noticed that the end of the world will happen around elections, interesting.)

I think this post is the definition of a ramble. Finally I've achieved the status of a Random Rambling.

Speaking of Ranbo, I'm thinking about invading Iraq, just to spark controvercial issues. I'd probably kick their government's butt.

It took me like 12 minutes to finish this blog post. That must be record time. Mostly my record time was due to the fact that I typed without thinking. It's easy to type fast if you don't think about what you're writing. That's why I'm talking nonsense.

Speaking of nonsense:

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Ok, I'm done.

The End


justGeorge said...

Have you ever noticed that the voices in your head are usually right?

justGeorge said...


Zachary Penguin said...

You didn't post a link ...
I think you need to leave me comments on MY BLOG, not leave me comments on YOUR BLOG POSTS. What if i dont read your blog? *GASP*
I think your video is gonna suck but im gonna watch it anyway cuz i like watching EPIC FAIL videos (:
Its not a crecent moon, its a crecent roll, you put butter on them ... Ugh, people just dont know things anymore v_v
Good luck with the gov't takeover, im rooting for you.
I like chicken too (:

Happy Elf Mom said...

Someone is JEALOUS that his mom didn't order him some pottery, too...