Sunday, January 2, 2011

Story of Someone Else's Life

Mr. McBeardedGuy walked down his hallway. Along the corridor, emotionless faces stared back at him. The faces of his students, devoid of any energy. A depressed mass of people, ones he'd never see again.

He chuckled to himself. Their education was complete. He would dispense of them shortly. He laughed again, gaining confidence, after all who would hear him laugh evilly?

He started running like a maniac toward his room, ready to "teach" his students. The only people that he needed to brainwash were those three annoying pests: the strong-minded men. justGeorge was among these three, along with Dracoking and Judofoo.
McBearded Guy swore under his breath. How dare these fools stand up to the power of The Sacred Book? They will be punished, after they finish it.

He stood up to his crowd of three, unaware that justGeorge was asleep.
"During class today, we will read aloud from Pride and Prejudice, The Sacred Scriptures of literature."

Two of the students got out their book and skimmed through the story in twenty seconds. That was all it took. They instantly became mind-controlled freaks of nature (versus who they were before, normal freaks).

Mr. McBeardedGuy, in his impatience didn't check to make sure everyone was brainwashed. He roared a terrible laugh.

"I have the stupid students under my control! Bwa ha ha ha ha!"

justGeorge heard the "stupid" part. He groggily woke up.

"Wah? What was that? Something about stupid?"

Mr. McBeardedGuy realized his mistake, too late. justGeorge ran out the door faster than Mr. Darcey would in order to engage to Elizabeth.

"DESTROY HIM, MY MINIONS!" he shouted, red in the face, his beard curling. Dracoking and Judofoo chased after him like zombies.

justGeorge kong-fu'd himself out of the corridor, down the stairs and out the front doors. The receptionist ran after him, angry as a Tauros because he didn't sign out. The entire school ran after him. justGeorge called over his shoulder.

"Run, run, run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me I'm a REAL man.

justGeorge sped through the cow pasture, over the hill and under a bridge. He stayed there, like a hobo, until the heat blew over. Then he ran and posted a blog in the public library and ran off to his next adventure.


justGeorge said...

Hey, that's an awesome post. You're an amazing blogger!

justGeorge said...

I know, ain't it the truth?

justGeorge said...

You're right, it ain't.

justGeorge said...

Shut up.