Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poem of The Ages

A poem about the color red:


I like red, yes I do
I like red, ooh ooh ooh

I like the color red
Like I just said
I don't want it on my head
I'm glad I sleep on a bed
I'm glad I'm not dead
I like to eat bread
Snow always deserves a sled
It never fills me with dread
I'm in trouble with the fed
My shoes' ain't full of lead
I've always wished I could wed
The color red

I like red 1 2 3
I like red hee hee hee

I like the color red
As you've probably read
I've never needed to shed
Never a hint or a shred
No hair for me to spread
On dandruff I will not tread
I've always been led
Through life I've always sped
My name ain't Jed
or Ed
or Ned
or Fred
or Ted
I'm just George, who likes red

I like red, I ain't a foo
I like red, doodley doo


justGeorge said...

You suck at writing poems.

justGeorge said...

Hey, I bought the rights to this poem for free. Don't blame me.

Anonymous said...

You guys are crazy. I love that poem. It got me right in the heart.

Kyle P. said...

i agree with just george (the first one)