Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kylinius the Fool

Kylinius Allenagbacht Perkins XII was the royal duke of Cranbury Cross, the cutest little region in all of Germany, England. He owned a little English cottage by the Swedish windmill. All around him, Chinese immigrants worked on an American railroad (all their live-long days). Overhead, German bombers were dropping Mayan chocolate. Everyone was happy in their diverse world... well, almost everyone.

Kylinius, however, was not happy. He was angry at the unequal distribution of wealth among the Chinese immigrant workers, and the underpayed Mexican immigrants, and the other minorities.

He wanted the government to fix these problems, so he rallied the common farmers into a rebelion against the oppressive government. These disgruntled farmers became known as shays, like in the word Sa-shay (to rebel against the government).

They eventually got to their leader's palace in protest but their efforts were struck down. Literally they were struck down. Everyone died in the hands of the national guard. Too bad.

The moral of this story is: Don't be Communists.

The End


justGeorge said...

I like the diversity of the cast. Maybe this could be made into a movie...?

justGeorge said...

I would make it into a movie, except I don't have a camera. Plus, life's too short to get too many people angry.

Happy Elf Mom said...

Very cute! Tell Kyle he did a great job ruling and all that. :)

Zachary Penguin said...

hahaha, i loved the suprise twist .. i was laughing out loud so hard, my dad slapped me in the head. good story bro.