Friday, January 28, 2011

Billy Bones, Myth or Doubly Myth?

This is a report from jESUS (justGeorge's Entrepreneurial Section of Universal Simulcast).

I'm justGeorge, reporting live from my house. I've just gotten an hangnail, and it hurts. Wah! I need to collect my social securtiy now. I have to retire, I can't type ANYTHING now.

Now my blogging career is at an all-time low. (Although it's been that way ever since I began this blog, you can't have less than one person that likes your blog!)

I guess I'll have to sue the idiot who designed the heavy machinery at the factory. Seriously. I mean, any innocent guy who slips past security, runs past the security guards, under the yellow tape, and stick his hand into a random machine's parts could get hurt.

Thankfully, I pulled my hand out at the last second when I read the sign: DO NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER STICK YOUR HANDS IN THE MACHINE AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER!!!

I think I got the message. I pulled out my hand quickly, but in the process snagged my nail on a nail. How ironic.

Now I'm angry. I shouldn't have gotten a snagged nail, I mean really. Who woiuld think that heavy machinery would be dangerous?

But, on a lighter note, I watched Follow that Bird. It was amazing. I've seen it like a billion times, just cuz it's one of the best movies ever. Seriously. Anybody who's smart enough to be able to read this should watch it. Fo real. Yo.

Some of you might be wondering why I'm using one-word-sentences. That's cuz I'm gangsta. Yo.

Just thought I'd check it out. It's not as if anyone will care anyway. (No one will comment. Yeah, I'm a negative person. Deal with it.)

Well, he ho. No where this blogpost can go. I think I'll end this rambling.

I'm done.

The End

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