Monday, January 31, 2011

The Adventures of Blackberry Finn

Hey y'all! This is Mark Twang (They called me that cuz of ma twang). I'm here to give y'all the lowdown on ma new story: The Adventures of Bob the Glob.

Well, it all starts out in a peaceful village out in America somewhere. Down by the Mrs. Sippy somewhere, this village prospered under Mr. Sun, the heat miser. Little did all the peaceful citizens know, Jesuszilla (aka Godzilla) was about to rip apart the town.

They found out in only a couple of seconds.

Oops there goes the town.

Who can stop this unspeakable terror?

justGeorge can! With his psychic powers and amazing skillz, he can destroy the terrible beast!

Thus began the story of St. George and the Dragon.

We all know how that ends. Anyway, back to the real story about Blackberry Finn.

Once upon a time on the Mississippi, Blackberry Finn was floating on a little boat, about the size of a dvd disc.

He sang annoying country songs while bobbing up and down on the waves of the Old Man River. Here's one such song:

Oh! Bee do! Bee do!

I like fried chicken in the country air
I like to sing with a country flair
Mama always beat me, 'n' papa too
But I'm still singing this song for you

Bo dee do do

In ma pickup truck, I shot a deer
I use 'em guns out of fear
I ain't no bumpkin
I like to eat 'em pumpkin

Bo dee do do

(justGeorge takes off his hat) Too bad that annoying character is no longer with us. He was immediately shot for singing such bad songs.

The End

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Zachary Penguin said...

lmao, that was hillarious! i liked the ending .. sounded like a rap ;P