Friday, July 30, 2010

Strategy Time!

Strategy time for a random Pokemon. Today's Pokemon is... Garchomp the once overused Pokemon (I mean that in every way). This Ground Dragon was the king for about a year until everyone realized it was too good and moved it up with the legendaries.

Generally speaking, this... Garchomp as they call it is another name for the Pokemon version of Bruce Leonardo DePinchme (which can still be beaten by Chuck Norris).

Every Garchomp should have Earthquake, with no exceptions. Having a ground type like Garchomp without Earthquake is like a cat without fur- it's not powerful, and it's not even cute.

Here is the standard Garchomp summarized in one set with a few options.

Death Garchomp

Dragon Claw / Outrage
Fire Fang / Overheat

Item: Choice Scarf / Choice Band / Yeche Berry

If you have a Choice Band Garchomp then maybe you shouldn't go with Overheat over Fire Fang. The Yeche Berry is sort of a trick to barely survive an unboosted Ice attack and continue to pound legendaries or foolish overused Pokemon who dare to challenge you.

There are few major counters against this annoying land shark, except a few water-type tanks like Slowbro or Milotic. All you have to do is beat him with a burn or an ice move. Very often Garchomp is stuck to a move, use that against it. A legendary that's faster than it can shut it down, hopefully switching into a weak attack like Fire Fang.

Altogether Garchomp is just a cheap Pokemon like Shedinja that shouldn't exist.


justGeorge said...

Usually I counter Garchomp with my Magikarp, but it keeps losing. What do I do?

justGeorge said...

Stap Magikarp's heart with a wooden stake, stuff garlic in its mouth and keep a crucifix by your side at all times. Because that Magikarp is probably a vampire by now after drinking all that blood from its beatings. Don't even bother turning on your Pokemon game again until you can find a Pokemon that actually fights.

justGeorge said...

Ooooh. Harsh.

justGeorge said...

What's a Garchomp?

justGeorge said...

A Garchomp is a Pokemon (Duh) that is purple and looks like a land shark.

justGeorge said...

Does it have fins?

justGeorge said...


justGeorge said...

Does it taste like fish?

justGeorge said...

Generally it tastes like sand. If the questions keep up that's exactly what you'll be eating.