Friday, July 16, 2010

My coupon

Come one
Come all
to the bargain hall

We have a 50% off sale on our double priced items.

FREE donations will be accepted.

75% discounts on anything found on the third floor of our two-story building.

Only a $20 fee for looking at our dubious products.

All warranties are null and void once the object has been used in any way.

Our employees will be happy to show you our deals... and the door.

Everything is artificially natural!

We believe that the customer deserves ignorance for their own bliss.

You will be happy to know that no expense has been spared for sanitation.

We've put delightful mazes in front of the bathrooms to give a rodent-like feel as you look for "the cheese".

All credit cards are accepted and kept.

All proceeds go to the Give justGeorge Your Money Before You Become a Greedy Rich Person Foundation

So come on down and buy our used (and recycled) food and groceries. Business


justGeorge said...

Thank you, justGeorge for your business that brought hope into my life.

justGeorge said...

You're welcome little one.

justGeorge said...

I'm so excited about all the amazing products and new deals provided by the justGeorge's Used Food Corp.

justGeorge said...

And why shouldn't you be. We make sure that all food is tested BEFORE the customer eats it. This security and safety is what makes idea so awesome.

justGeorge said...

Thank you for providing me a job as "grunt". Maybe someday I will get promoted to "grumble".

justGeorge said...

You can do anything if you try (and bribe justGeorge with some bags of candy).