Friday, July 30, 2010

Strategy Time!

Strategy time for a random Pokemon. Today's Pokemon is... Garchomp the once overused Pokemon (I mean that in every way). This Ground Dragon was the king for about a year until everyone realized it was too good and moved it up with the legendaries.

Generally speaking, this... Garchomp as they call it is another name for the Pokemon version of Bruce Leonardo DePinchme (which can still be beaten by Chuck Norris).

Every Garchomp should have Earthquake, with no exceptions. Having a ground type like Garchomp without Earthquake is like a cat without fur- it's not powerful, and it's not even cute.

Here is the standard Garchomp summarized in one set with a few options.

Death Garchomp

Dragon Claw / Outrage
Fire Fang / Overheat

Item: Choice Scarf / Choice Band / Yeche Berry

If you have a Choice Band Garchomp then maybe you shouldn't go with Overheat over Fire Fang. The Yeche Berry is sort of a trick to barely survive an unboosted Ice attack and continue to pound legendaries or foolish overused Pokemon who dare to challenge you.

There are few major counters against this annoying land shark, except a few water-type tanks like Slowbro or Milotic. All you have to do is beat him with a burn or an ice move. Very often Garchomp is stuck to a move, use that against it. A legendary that's faster than it can shut it down, hopefully switching into a weak attack like Fire Fang.

Altogether Garchomp is just a cheap Pokemon like Shedinja that shouldn't exist.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Your Own Customized Blogpost

I have researched tirelessly for the secret to touch screens. I finally have the technology for them. Completely from scratch, I made my blog post customizable via the touch screen below. You can write your own comments on your computer screen using a pencil, a pocketknife or any other sharp object. Feel free to doodle and write to your heart's content. REMINDER! YOU CANNOT WRITE ON YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN WITH YOUR HANDS. YOU MUST USE A SHARP AND POINTY OBJECT. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL CAUSE YOUR BLOGGER WARRANTY TO BECOME INVALIDATED. IF YOU LAUGH THIS OFF YOU WILL BE HUNTED DOWN BY HUNGRY CHINCHILLAS. Please doodle below:

I'm not paying for a new computer monitor just 'cuz yer stupid.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hi #2


My coupon

Come one
Come all
to the bargain hall

We have a 50% off sale on our double priced items.

FREE donations will be accepted.

75% discounts on anything found on the third floor of our two-story building.

Only a $20 fee for looking at our dubious products.

All warranties are null and void once the object has been used in any way.

Our employees will be happy to show you our deals... and the door.

Everything is artificially natural!

We believe that the customer deserves ignorance for their own bliss.

You will be happy to know that no expense has been spared for sanitation.

We've put delightful mazes in front of the bathrooms to give a rodent-like feel as you look for "the cheese".

All credit cards are accepted and kept.

All proceeds go to the Give justGeorge Your Money Before You Become a Greedy Rich Person Foundation

So come on down and buy our used (and recycled) food and groceries. Business

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The longest word in the world

I have found in ancient manuscripts after years (a month or two) of searching. Here it is:


It is a medical word meaning, "I had nothing else to blogpost about so I thought writing a really big word was random enough, even if it's not that funny"

I use this word in everyday conversation too.