Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fairy Tales are Real (Fake Science Monthly page 42)

Alas, I am the only man who knoweth that the fairy tales are all true.

I was resting under a tree that wasn't supposed to be magical (I didn't notice the magical sparks and rare color), I awoke to find two little midgets scurrying about. Their names were obviously Tweedlepee and Tweedleplop, as seen by their Wal-mart name tags. I chased after them, but they escaped into Munchkinland, where I could not enter.

I was confused for a while until I realized that this was Magical Dimentio's Land. I hoped that I could become two-dimensional and slip through rends in the Time-Space Continent (known as Atlantis) to escape this legendary land, but to no avail. My butt was too fat to become two-dimensional.

Just overhead, I saw a Ho-oh, flying toward the burnt tower. I followed it to Ash, who was very grumpy that day. He was beating up some kid's Charizard with his own Pikachu. I ignored them because I saw something cooler. I saw the forbiden donut.


Too bad for me, it was the Donutman

Run run run
as fast as you can
you can't catch me
I'm the Donut man!

He said this while running into the mouth of Starfox, who was too clever for that Donutman. Then Captain Falcon FalconPunched Starfox, swiped the donut and swallowed him in one bite.



justGeorge said...

I like this post. It's my 200th favorite.

Samuel Paddock said...

Interesting... so the little pink elves I see are true! YA! IM NOT CRAZY! I TOLD DR. SAMSUN!

zakluv_145 said...

you spelled 'donut' wrong .... Just sayin' ...