Friday, January 1, 2010

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Nose

I got a nose.

You don't got a nose.

Well, it's New Years. It's the time where everyone tries to lose three pounds before they give up on their diets. This is also the time of year where I'll tell you my New Years Resolutions. I've resolved to solve the resolutions of resolution-making drunkards who pass out before midnight. I'll resolve the solution to the resolutions of reresolutions rereresolutionifying (I'll let you look up that last word) the resolves of man resolving to solve the problems like poor resolution-making skills. These resolution-making skills are the solutions to the resolutions to poor rerereresolution-making after the rereresolution solve themselves, thereby undoing the original work done to resolve the undecided reslolutions of the original solution.

I'll give you a few minutes to re-read that paragraph and let you resolve (or reresolve) to increase your prefix vocabulary.

Bobo likes Cheetoes.

Sorry about that. That was one of my followers (justGeorge) tormenting me again. I don't know what it is about that guy, but he enjoys cyberbullying me by giving himself the same name as me (and the same passwords) allowing him to insert random phrases in my posts. Obviously he thinks random is the same as funny. If that were true, then your IQ and my grades on my English papers would be funny. Both of these things are random, but not funny. Only those wise, liberal, and city-born users of heavenly random number generators can understand English apparently. That's OK. I'm not interested in keeping my blog-stupid person free, if I was I would rid myself of justGeorge forever.

(cue evil laugh)

The End


justGeorge said...

I can help you get rid of justGeorge. I'm a beast a Ninja Throwing Stars.

justGeorge said...

You have my numchucks.

justGeorge said...

We shall travel though middle-aged earth as the fellowship of justGeorge. I'll be Bilbo the Bellybutton.

justGeorge said...

You guys are stupid.

zakluv_145 said...

Stupid is watching someone inhale 3 hotdogs and watch them choke as they try to swallow it... This is just weird (on a scale thats not designed for normal usage...)

zakluv_145 said...

you need a new 2010 poll at the top of your page :)

just an idea

*rolls eyes*
Why are you so rude?


Mrs. C said...

Correct spelling: Cheetos (tm).

justGeorge said...

If I cared about correct spelling, I wouldn't misspel the word "misspel"