Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sorry from the bottom of my butt

Sorry I haven't been posting (to all you followers of my blog (myself)). I was delayed because Russian gangsters kidnapped me. But, all that is behind me now. My counselor said that the kidnapping is my fault, and now I have been brainwashed to believe him (I wonder why my fuhrer oops, counselor says that?). Now I see that it changed me for the better in the long run and made me a better person (I know how to escape from handcuffs now).

Anyway, enough about me. I want to hear about you.


I hope you weren't so gullible that you believed what I just said. I want to talk about myself to myself more. Talking to yourself is actually a non-crazy and very sane way of communicating to others (ask your English oops, I mean Communication Arts teacher about it). That's why all the great people in the world talked to themselves, as evidenced by Ernie-and-Bert Einstein (his first name is hyphenated like all German first names). He talked to himself and would get off topic easily.

Speaking of which, have you ever walked in tall grass and got attacked by random Pokemon oops, I mean animals in the field? I have. My starter... um I mean pet always took care of 'em.

I didn't ask YOU. I was talking to myself... again (Duh! What is this guy/gal/thing thinking?! Does he/she/it think that I write this poop for him/her/it? He/She/It is sadly mistaken.).


I'm sorry


justGeorge said...

Thanks a lot. I lost the game, again! (Why do you do this to me!?)

justGeorge said...

I'm sorry

justGeorge said...

You should be. I should spam your blog.

justGeorge said...

Please don't or I'll send you my armpit hairs in the mail.

justGeorge said...

I will then drop the package on your house and make you pass out from lack of REAL oxygen. You slowly have your clothes smell like you own BO.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha

justGeorge said...

Wow. You're crazy.

justGeorge said...

If I was mentally stable, would I have a blog?

justGeorge said...

Good point.

Mrs. C said...

I think "just George" needs another blog so that he can leave comments back and forth as different people. It lends an air of authenticity to it, you know.

zakluv_145 said...

Rofl...Your, uh... Going to passout in a few seconds, watch your 6!


Gotcha!! Hes in your 7!

Oh Just leave me alont and go away!

justGeorge said...

I lost the game.