Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oil Canvas Paintings

WARNING: Any reference to any character that is copyrighted, uncopyrighted, anticopyrighted, recopyrighted, precopyrighted, postcopyrighted, procopyrighted, decopyrighted, discopyrighted, or transcopyrighted is not intentional but purely accidental. No lawsuit may be made that involves justGeorge or his affiliates.

As Mr. Sun shone over the land of justGeorgeland23, justGeorge observed the strange patterns in the desert from his cliff. They were pictures of legendary Pokedudes, all battling to the death. Ogre de Ky was fighting with Ground-up. Dee Algae was fighting Palpad. justGeorge wondered why he didn't see this before. Of course, most of the reason was that he doesn't live in the desert. He only traveled there to go steal some oil (what better place for a perfect crime?).

justGeorge paused before saying to himself, "I need more environmentally depleting oil for my shenanigans. My smog-creating machine is running low on Arabian-produced oil."

So justGeorge teleported to a gas station, which happed to be just 70 desert miles (about 3,241 kilometers) away. When he got there, he noticed it was being held up by Ma Fia. *Sigh* So, justGeorge walked about 20 steps to another one nearby. There he noticed YObama buying some oil for America.

"I need 7,000,000 tons of oil."

"Alright, that will be a few trilion dollars."

"Just put it on my no-limit credit card."

The attendant rolled his eyes.

"Will there be anything else sir?"


"Then get out. Fo-Sure-Real law says I can't give you any oil at all. I'm break'n' the rules for extra cash. Unless you's a muslim"

"Maybe I am, it depends on if you're a regular guy in a turban or secretly an American."

"If I was American, I wouldn't offer the best deal."

"That's true. But, just to be sure, the answer is still maybe."

"Oh, OK, that's fine. Come again to Jihad's Peaceful Company."

"I will." YObama said mysteriously as he left.

justGeorge wisely decided to avoid buying oil at all. He decided to go back to his comfortable home and pretend he never saw anything.


justGeorge said...

How very......................interesting. You have an interestingly anti-American attitude. I despise that. I will have your head on a silver platter unless you start talk'n' nice.

zakluv_145 said...

You make me laugh so hard!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!