Friday, October 2, 2009

justGeorge's Pokecard of the week.

This is justGeorge's first Pokecard of the week. Today we look at Pokemon #416, Vespiquen. Altogether, this bug is underrated. Not as underrated as some of my favorites, but it still is a very solid choice as a grass-type card, especially if you have an entire grass deck.

My favorite card of her is the Stormfront one. It reminds me a lot of Shaymin LX sky form. If you're losing, Vespiquen does 10 more damage for each G types on the bench. Obviously the strategy is to have a completely G type deck. This is not a very hard task, there are a lot of really cool supporter G types.

Bee Drain does nice damage and recovery. This is boosted ridiculously when you factor in the Green Dignity Pokebody. If you just use this move, you won't be losing anymore.

The final move it has is Bee Powder. This does 50 damage plus a 25% chance of paralyzing, poisoning, and burning them at the same time. Yea, a lot of Stormfront Pokemon are like that. Just deal with it.

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wow. im, uh... confused.