Friday, October 9, 2009

The Global Peace Prize

Warning: Any references to major political characters are completely unintentional, please do not be offended.

Warning: Coffee may be hot

Joebama sat and twiddled his fingers. He was forced to sit and watch another loser get the Glodal Peace Prize. He wanted to get back home and play video games. His favorite video game was, by far, World of Warcraft. He loved wrecking havoc on poor souls by declaring war. This also helped his career as Military Chief Assassin.

Just then, out of the blue, came a voice from heaven.

"Purely for the sake of irony, I decree Joebama shall win the coveted Global Peace Prize."

Then, everyone applauded and bowed to the great and mighty Joebama. He strode to the stage where some old person gave him his prize.

"Thank You!" Joebama shouted to the microphone, "I deserve this award, you don't. The end. But I didn't do it alone. I would like to thank all those fools... uh... people who voted me supreme chancellor in time of war."

"Here is your money." the old guy said, trying to hand millions of dollars in small bills.

"You can keep it, sucker. I'm the president, I can just steal... uh... tax the people."

And with that, he ran from the stage, out the doors, and to the White House, with his bodyguards still trying to catch up.


justGeorge said...

You didn't give me enough warning. I spilled coffee on myself again.

zakluv_145 said...

HA! This is classic. :-P

justGeorge said...

What is a zakluv? Isn't it a kind of bug in South America? Are there only 145 zakluvs in the world? Why are you wearing a tie? Can you eat your own face? Are you an American? Do you like Dunk'n' Donuts? How tall are you? Are you hungry? Do you always write in pen? What does the symbol :-P mean? Can you tie your shoes with your eyes closed? Are you afraid of spiders or snakes more? Do you read picture books? Do you like licking postage stamps? Have you ever killed someone? Is the word "dictionary" in the dictionary? Can you count to ten starting from 9 going backwards? Do you have a dog at home? Do you smell like pickles? Have you eaten your family? Are you a hobo?

Please reply to all the questions... or else.