Sunday, September 20, 2009

Da Original Post

Ya know how everything has a first? This is the first. Years later down the road of blog'n' I'll say, "Hey! My first post was awesome, 'cuz I'm awesome!" People collect cards, stamps, and other junk. People should collect blogs.

Just reading these paragraphs would be worth thousands on eBay if it wasn't free. Think about it. Many people died of boredom trying to create real blogs. The put their lives on the line for you. Their internet infatuation caused them to give up their health and life for blog'n' and obeisity. Imagine them slumped over a keyboard, drooling drops of saliva and belching at the same time for you! Now think about that a minute.

(Moment of silence)

Mostly I started this blog so I could annoy people. I will make controversial statements, enrage everyone to make comments, then make fun of their comments.

it's good to be awesome.


Mrs. C said...
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justGeorge said...

I know. justGeorge is awesome. He kicks butt- literally!

zakluv_145 said...

yupp. your gonna be a STAR!