Wednesday, September 30, 2009

justGeorge's Photo

In case you are wondering why there is no photo of me, don't.

The reason I don't have a photo of me in my profile is this: I don't feel like it. The silhouette is close enough to my appearance.

I'm not going to talk about a stupid photo for a page. I really wanted to talk about you. I do mean YOU. Yes, you, in the chair with the nose. You need to comment. If you don't comment, I will track you down with high-tech-techno-technology of Tech. School. To encourage growth, I will put random words in the next paragraph just to appear on search engines.

Obama, George Bush, crazy, Yo Mama, Star Wars, smelly, Sonshine, cheesy jokes, corny jokes, corn-on-the-cob, Pokemon, fashion, Mario, Luigi, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Yahoo, free games, tower defense, Bloons, educational games, Jesus, God, animals, animal cruelty, stats, zombies, ninja, candy, movie review, game review, eBay, FREE, stupid, trading cards, Twilight Zone, Andy Griffith, Spongebob and Patrick, Nick Jr., Veggie Tales, health, health care, Democrat, Republican, fat, fat reducing, weight loss, diet, stress, America, photo, video, Microsoft, computer software, free computer games, book, Blogger, Sesame Street, Teletubbies, controversial, philosophy, good literature, science, math, math practice, free translation, free translator, chocolate, vampire, vampires, how to..., self-help, Super Mario, blond, comic strip, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, african american, white, church, weight-loss program, fool, foo, creative, collectible, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, dragon, wizard, RPG, news, broadcast, Lord of the Rings, Jaws Theme, questionable material ect.

None of you are patient enough to read the whole thing. That's OK. If you were a patient person, you wouldn't visit blogs, you would meditate in the mountains. Monks are fine, but they're too patient. They don't actually speak in riddles, or tongues, they speak gibberish. This is all from being so lonely that they start seeing things. That, or they get reincarnated as a fast growing clone and spread the word about how everyone should visit Colorado where the monks are. (Yes, that is where the monks are; they have mountains)

Anyway, I have better things to do with my life than sit at a computer, so I'm done... for now.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yo Mama's Travels

Apparently there's been a report that Yo Mama's Fat. Details are still sketchy, but reports say she's on a rampage, destroying local small towns. Our reporters of the justGeorge's Observant Department have been trying to track this glob for the past half hour. She seems impossible to track.

Local Yokel said, "It's hard to imagine such a disturbance in our fair town of Nowhere. I'm afraid of the earthquakes that are becoming more common. Ole' Betsy (my cow) has been tipped over so many times I'd think that some teenager was doing it."

Even our investigators have felt the tremors. This is due to Yo Mama rolling around, crushing buildings.

What could cause this catastrophe? Not many know. Yo Mama started her criminal career when she "got an offer she couldn't refuse" and that was this: steal some free gum. This started a downward spiral into theft to feed that ever-growing stomach of hers. She started shoplifting grocery stores for potato chips, and eventually worked her way to cannibalism.

Details of her history and appearance are not well known by many. Here is what we have so far:

Height: Midget
Weight: Too Much
Ability: Thick Fat / Gluttony
Moves: Roll Out
Nickname: Jabba the Fatty Butt

No mugshot available.
For current photo, draw a circle in the dirt.

Friday, September 25, 2009

justGeorge's First Pokemon of the Week

Alright, the random number generator has spoken. And it has spoken wisely. The number is...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................391! Which means the Pokemon is Infernape! (Well close enough, its actually Monferno)

Ability: Blaze
HP: 76
A: 104
D: 71
SpA: 104
SpD: 71
Speed: 108

Infernape is the newest fire starter sweeper. His stats are very similar to Charizard. But Infernape is far more popular to battle with. Specifically, Infernape has Close Combat and Fake-Out and other cool stuff. It can successfully use both direct and special attacks with great ease. It has a whole bunch of stat-boosting moves that will make him impossible to handle unless you knock it out early.

I personally believe that Infernape is the best choice of a starter. Obviously you wouldn't make the stupid-person choice and choose Torterra. Empoleon is cool too. He has unique typing. But I like Infernape for this: He may have a whole bunch of weaknesses, but he's not designed for defense. He's there to kick you in da butt.

Smack 'n' Run Infernape

Life Orb/ Choice Band/ Choice Scarf

Close Combat
Rock Slide/ Stone Edge


The idea of this guy is to knock out your opponents Pokemon quickly and then run. If he is facing defensive type Pokemon then he just has to put a dent in them. Start out with your most powerful move, then just U-Turn or just sacrifice yourself.

Generally you'll want to train this guy at speed. Then, put the rest of the EP in Attack (and a few in Special Atack. Don't worry too much about your defense. Maybe you could try to earn brownie IV's in defense / Sp defense just to not get KOed by something stupid like Swift.

Annoying Infernape

Focus Sash

Fake Out
Mach Punch

This set may seem like a waste of such an awesome Pokemon. But at least you can annoy your opponent like nothing else. This is the sort of move set you'd give to Raticate, or a Smeargle or something. But, I like to annoy people. It's like my hobby or something. Also it's very hard to counter this guy unless you have a faster Pokemon with a quick attack. Or you could try to use Trick Room.

Do not train this guy for defenses. You could increase his HP a little to help increase the power of counter. Although, the suprise of Infernape having counter at all will be enough.

Sunny Day Infernape

Life Orb / Heat Rock

Heat Wave
Solar Beam
Close Combat / U-Turn
Protect / Sunny Day

Despite the fact that Rain Dance parties are so common, this Infernape can pack a punch. It's your choice how to use him. You could use this guy to just attack, while benefiting from Sunny Day. Or, you could use him as a lead. Then just U-Turn after using Sunny Day, unless you smell an easy KO or sweep.

Train this guy like the other Infernapes. Just train mostly at speed and stuff.

Swords Dance Infernape

Life Orb / Razor Fang

Flare Blitz
Close Combat
Rock Slide / Mach Punch
Swords Dance

You'll have to decide between Mach Punch and Rock Slide here. If you have no strategy on your team against Pokemon like Dragonite and Salamence, stick with Rock Slide (or if you like the flinch part of Rock Slide combined with Razor Fang). If you need to knock out those puny reversal users, go for Mach Punch.

Train Infernape in SPEED and a bit of attack.

Nasty Infernape

Flamethrower / Heat Wave
Vacuum Wave
Hidden Power (Ice) / Hidden Power (Electric)
Nasty Plot

If you have a Swords Dance Infernape, you just have to include the Nasty Infernape. You might have to do some searching for that Infernape with an Ice / Electric Hidden Power. The choice between them depends on your team.

As for training, train for good Speed and Sp Attack. The End.


Technically, a counter must be able to switch into one of Infernape's attacks and then kill it. Not many can do that easily. The advantage is that Infernape is somewhat predictable. Salamence and Dragonite whup it with type advantage. A Rain Dance party works just nicely. Those defensive water / psychics give it a run for its money.

But when faced with the Endeavor Infernape, just get a fast guy with a quick attack / extreme speed. I would recomend Purugly.

In general Infernape has some of the best moves, just not enough type coverage.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catch Shaymin!

For all you Pokemon fans, you can go to Toys 'R' Us and pick-up Oaks Letter. If you aren't a Pokemon fan, I suggest you take a class in compliance, then agree with me when I say be one. Pokemon is not for kids only and are very strategic games.

Anyway, pickup your Oaks Letter September 28th through October 8th. Yea, Shaymin. Shaymin isn't really that good. His stats are exactly like the other straight 100's, but with Shaymin, he/she hasn't anything special to show except form changes. If I get around to giving him/ her the honor of justGeorge's Pokemon of the Week on Friday, you'll see what I mean.

By the way justGeorge's Pokemon of the Week is when justGeorge uses a random # generator and gets a # of a Pokemon. I will talk about what moves and move combinations you could give it. I will also talk about the recent cards and general feelings toward it.

For example: Everyone knows that Shaymin is just the pre-Arceus pokemon. Nintendo's not fooling anyone. The End.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Ma Fia's Travels 1

Apparently there's been some gang activity in Chicago recently. If you want to read about it go to and learn more. Apparently there were was a nasty run-in between Ma Fia's gang and the police. Ma Fia is the nastiest lady you will ever see in your life. She carries a machine gun in her back pocket (don't ask me how she must have a big butt).

She and Gangsta Joe tried to rob a gas station that was run by undercover cops. They realized the gas station didn't have any money so they stole their box 'o' donuts instead. That did it. You don't mess with their donuts, especially their jelly donuts.

To be short and precise, Ma Fia ran off while Gangsta Joe got busted.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Da Original Post

Ya know how everything has a first? This is the first. Years later down the road of blog'n' I'll say, "Hey! My first post was awesome, 'cuz I'm awesome!" People collect cards, stamps, and other junk. People should collect blogs.

Just reading these paragraphs would be worth thousands on eBay if it wasn't free. Think about it. Many people died of boredom trying to create real blogs. The put their lives on the line for you. Their internet infatuation caused them to give up their health and life for blog'n' and obeisity. Imagine them slumped over a keyboard, drooling drops of saliva and belching at the same time for you! Now think about that a minute.

(Moment of silence)

Mostly I started this blog so I could annoy people. I will make controversial statements, enrage everyone to make comments, then make fun of their comments.

it's good to be awesome.